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    Choosing a Roofing Contractor

    When choosing a Roofing contractor in south jersey you have a lot that you should d be considering. I tell people to do as much research as you can before hiring roofing contractors. Let?s face it all residential construction, trades including roofers, have really went down the dumps over the last 30 years. Quality can be poor along with professionalism.

    These roofing contractors today are hiring employees that are unqualified to do roofing and taking their word on they know what they are doing. They are putting them in a van or pickup truck and sending them to your front door. Imagine, you went to school for 5 years growing up and a teacher taught you to subtract when you see a plus sign and add when you see a minus sign. Would you know any different if that was the way you were taught? Next, you drop out of school before you found out you were actually being taught wrong for the last five years. Now, you teach your little brother and sister how to subtract and add backwards. See where I am going with this? Sometimes people need to be able to relate to the scenario to understand. People call looking for work and praise themselves as carpenters or roofers that have been doing it for years and are experts. The reality of it is, they may or may not have ever installed a single shingle before in their life or more likely have been doing it wrong for the last 10 years. How can I say this about people? Simply answer I have witnessed it countless times when trying to find more help. At Redesign contractors we don?t take anyone?s word on what they say they know how to do. We have hired countless people who have talked a big talk and flopped on the first day. Half the time they don?t actually know what they said they knew. The other half the time they have been doing it for years and they assumed they were doing it right or someone taught them the wrong way. I have watched people do things totally wrong, witnessing them thinking with great satisfaction that they were experts. For example, I would ask? why are you installing step flashing that way or that far up the shingle edge.? Their answer,? I?m not really sure but that?s how I was taught.? The lesson here is, if they don?t understand how the roofing system works. How could you possibly do it right? People need to be taught on the proven methods and why they work that way, not taught to put this here because someone said ? Hey, do it this way.? Redesign contractors trains are people the proper way and makes sure they do their work OUR way even if that?s harder or takes longer then the quick and simple way they used to do it.

    A lot of contractors are not carrying insurance and most are not carrying workman?s comp insurance. These roofing contractors are also paying their help with cash and not paying workman?s comp on their employees. Workman?s comp is extremely high for us legit contractors in South Jersey. You can imagine the amount of claims for accidents in the construction trade. These roofers that aren?t paying it are able to undercut a real contractor with price because of this. This may sound appealing to some, it is cheaper after all?. Stop, with that thinking right there. Ponder this scenario, Imagine you hire a contractor like this and one of the roofers falls off your roof or trips over your plants in the backyard and gets hurt. Now, he is in the hospital with a broken leg. He works up a bill for 10,000 in medical bills and doesn?t have health insurance. He can?t say he got hurt at work because technically he isn?t employed, because his boss pays him cash. For his boss to avoid having a paper trail of employees, to avoid paying workman?s comp. Guess what? He got hurt at your house and what does South jersey require for every homeowner? YES, Home owners insurance! Now he hires a lawyer to file suit against your homeowner?s because after all he got hurt at your house. Now you are liable for his injuries and his pain and suffering for the last 5 months, don?t forget now he has lost 50 percent of use of his leg, he claims after the break. Now, I would ask again, Does that cheaper price from that other flyby roofing contractor still sound cheaper! This is not a scare tactic, this is a real life scenario that does happen. Ask around.

    Now we come to liability insurance. This basically covers someone for incidental damage. Scenario two, roofing contractor comes Monday morning to take the delivery of the roof shingles. His guys are on another job and won?t be able to start your house till Tuesday. The Roofing contractor goes up on your roof and the material delivery man says he will lift the shingles up with his boom truck. Contractor takes 60 bundles of shingles and lays them up on your roof overnight. Best case scenario here would be , you are in your house lying in bed and you hear what sounds like Santa?s sleigh just landed on your roof, you know Christmas is months away. So, you look outside and you have enough shingles to roof the front half of your house sitting in the driver?s seat of your nice new car you almost had paid off. Guess who pays for this damage when a contractor doesn?t have liability? You guess it. YOU!

    In closing, everything I?m telling you here can and has happened. Thankfully, not too Redesign contractor?s customers. When choosing contractors for roofing or anything else. Ask for copies of workman?s comp and liability insurance. Check them out. See how long they have been around under the same company name. If you trust what you have read here and live in South Jersey call us, Redesign contractors roofing division for your next roof replacement.

    Steven Cox

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