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    I want to take a few minutes and blog about the differences between conventional three tab asphalt shingles and the new style of shingle often called Architectural shingles. Architectural shingles go by many different names for example, 3D shingles, designer, dimensional, and Architectural. The main difference is the look. When you see the three tab and architectural shingles side by side, you will immediately see the difference in style. I don?t know the exact time three tabs were introduced, but I can tell you I have seen homes with 3 layers of roofs. A good lifespan of them would have been around 15-20 years, so it?s safe to say at least 70 years ago. The theory of a three tab in construction and application is quite effective. They certainly will do the job to keep your head nice and dry when you?re relaxing in your home. However, with the current trends on homes for style and curb appeal, they sometimes aren't the right fit.

    Homes over the last 30 years have changed dramatically in style and function. New home owners want a house that is ?fashionable? if you will. They are looking for something to impress people and share photos on social media of their home. In the past homes were built for purpose of? putting a roof over your head? as I am sure you have heard people say. If they were functional, that?s all that mattered. Most families were content. When the roof wore out, they?d install a new one on there, same color same style. With the new generations today (myself included) we want something to be more appealing and stylish. This is why you see the new homes being built with front covered porches, multiple gables or A frames in the front, dormers, etc. Home builders follow what sells. When these building styles started becoming the standard, it made more of the roof exposed from the ground level. In my opinion this was the birth of the Architectural style shingle. We are enhancing the front elevations and exterior siding. Why not enhance the look of the roof. If you were to drive through homes in a 20 year old neighborhood in south jersey, you would certainly see the difference in homes that have added an architectural roof over those that haven?t? yet. Now, architectural shingles don?t only apply to 30 year and newer homes. Now it?s a chance for older homes to get a facelift. Having a roof replacement done in architectural style shingles is a great way to bring an older home up to date.

    There are some other advantages of getting a new roof installed in dimensional or architectural shingles. For example, the shingle itself is one solid shingle with additional shingle material added to the top to create a stepped look. This not only adds depth from the ground view it also adds thickness to the shingle. This added thickness of asphalt and granulars adds longevity to the roof. The thicker the shingle the longer it usually will last. A typical 3 tab roof according to the manufactures would last around 20 years. With GAF roofing?s timberline series they are offering lifetime warranties. Lifetime translates to a 50 year term typically. With over twice as long a service life it adds a second element to this style. With GAF timberline series shingles certified contractors can offer a lifetime warranty on materials and labor to their customers. Redesign contractors has been certified in this process and has been offering lifetime warranty on GAF products for years. To qualify we need to first be certified by GAF, second we need to use GAF timberline series shingles and accessories, and finally we need to install these products according to manufactures recommendations. Accessories could include stormguard or weatherstopper ice and water shield, cobra ridge vent, prostart starter strip or timbertex hip and ridge caps. This creates a lifetime system that helps carry out the lifetime warranty. If the roof were to prematurely wear or detioriate GAF will supply and pay installation for a new roof to be installed on your home. When I first heard this I was thinking it was too good to be true, but it is what they are doing. Furthermore, it?s transferrable one time to a new home owner!

    There are some other advantages with mold and mildew resistance that I won?t get into right now. Let?s get into the disadvantages. There are some disadvantages if you are trying to install a new roof over your old one. Honestly I don?t really recommend doing that but if that?s what you want to do some problems occur with dimensional size difference and step flashing lengths. It really is so much better to start fresh. Probably something that would be easier explained in person on a free estimate from Redesign Roofing Division. Now, the only real disadvantage over a 3 tab shingle is cost. The cost typically could be 20 percent higher. If you factor in that with any brand Tamco, Certainteed, or GAF you are usually getting at least 2 times the longevity in roof life. It really is a no brainer. When it comes time to replace your roof it?s in your best interest to go with the architectural or dimensional style if your budget allows it.

    If you are on a tighter budget or have no interest in what your roof looks like, as long as there is a good roof on your home you?re a happy kind of person. This is also fine with me. The new 3 tab shingles have advanced a ton over the last 15 years. Most come with good warranties, also. They have new manufacturer products and techniques to aid with mold and mildew resistance as well. Choose what best fits your personality and budget when you?re choosing a new roof. If you?re in the south jersey area check out Redesign Roofing Division for more info and pricing.

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